COVID-19 idles soccer players, silences stadiums

Published On April 6, 2020 | By Parmisse Menendez | Sports
Parmisse Menendez

Soccer is suffering the consequences of the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.

Many leagues around the globe have decided to postpone their championships in order the prevent the disease to spread.

The Premier League suspended all activities since April 3 and are now preparing a plan to restart the tournament in June.

Different soccer teams have decided to reduce the salaries of their players. Juventus with Italy’s Serie A talked with its players who agreed to reduce their incomes, including the figure of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo played the last match at Champions League with his team, Juventus FC. He and the rest of the team agreed to pay cuts for four months. (REUTERS/Eric Gaillard)

FC Lokomotiv Moscow also decided to reduce salaries of their players by 40 per cent. Jefferson Farfán, a Peruvian soccer player with the team, announced the cut on his Instagram.

Sports journalist Fernando del Pozo said the widespread pay cuts are also affecting workers related to soccer.

“The whole industry is being affected by COVID-19, football players are having their salaries cut, sports journalists are being sent home and people who work in the stadiums cannot work either,” Del Pozo said.

“Several tournaments are suspended until further notice, and what I believe is that we are not going to watch a live match at least until June or July,” he said.

Del Pozo said the major issue among clubs is that their incomes are based on sold tickets, advertising and the TV rights payments.

“These financial issues could lead some soccer teams into bankruptcy,” Del Pozo said.

However, it’s not only the high-priced soccer players or managers who are suffering because they aren’t playing. Fans are also in a panic with the idea of not going to the stadium for many more months.

Renato Flores, a fan of Peruvian team Universitario de Deportes, said COVID-19 is affecting everybody and he’s worried about how this disease will affect his team.

“It is a complicated situation, soccer is a very important part of our lives so now we are under a lot of stress because of this situation,” he said. “I am also I am worried about the financial issues that my team will face in the near future.”

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