What to wear this spring for men

Mar 29, 2020 | Life

Matty Nyman poses for the spring in colorful shoes and a graphic t-shirt. (Matty Nyman)
Matty Nyman poses for the spring in colourful shoes and a graphic T-shirt. (Matty Nyman)
Akanksha Lamba

Matty Nyman, a fashion blogger and designer, said the current weather fluctuations between warm and cold can be tricky for men to dress.

“For me, it is all about colours, men shouldn’t be scared to wear colour,” Nyman said in a telephone interview.

He recommends men to wear bright and fun colours like pastels, neon yellows, greens and pinks this season.

“A lot of people get discouraged to not wear colours and experiment, men should experiment with the colour palette,” Nyman said.

He said men should wear something to make them feel warm yet not too hot. This season is all about the sweatshirt vibe. Sweatshirts can be styled with jean shorts or jeans, Nyman said.

Antoinne Zirky, a fashion arts and business student at Humber North campus, said men can experiment more with their clothing this season.

“It is the denim jacket season because even when it’s cold, it warms you up and it’s not even not that hot right now,” Zirky said. “It works for both seasons, you can wear it with jeans.”

Zirky suggests buying a good bomber jacket for this season as it is light and comfortable.

“Men should buy cotton and linen for this weather,” he said. “Organic cotton would be better as it is a sustainable option.”

Buying a good linen shirt is a must for this season. Statement pieces like getting graphic logo jackets or distressed jeans should be in every man’s closet for this season, according to Zirky.

He said men can style their everyday looks for the spring season.

“Coloured shoes, basic distress jeans and on the inside you can wear a long length T-shirt,” Zirky said.

Jeans always compliments the look and makes the outfit stand-out. Men should always wear only one statement piece while dressing up, he said.

Zirky recommends getting Victorian-style blazers for this spring.

Nyman advises men to buy a good watch for accessories.

“Wearing a good watch and dressing it up a little bit can result in a good outfit,” he said.

“One thing you can wear throughout the whole year is a good statement blazer,” he said. “A good black or grey blazer, you can wear that throughout the year.”

Nyman recommends getting graphic-style prints on jackets for this season. (Matty Nyman)
Nyman recommends getting graphic-style prints on jackets for this season. (Matty Nyman)

Men should buy a pair of the classic white flat sneakers as they can be worn with anything, Nyman said.

“A good cardigan and collared shirt for men is important and they should get one in every colour for this season,” he said.