Police continue search for abducted 14-year old boy, subject of Amber Alert

Published On March 5, 2020 | By Jeremy Yudin | News
Jeremy Yudin
Toronto Police were at the home of the abducted child on Thursday morning. (Jeremy Yudin)

Police are continuing their search for an abducted 14-year old boy who was the subject of an Amber Alert on Wednesday night.

Shammah Jolayemi was last seen Wednesday at 8:25 a.m., in the Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue area.

Witnesses say Jolayemi was forced into a vehicle while screaming for help, in a neighboorhood that has seen its share of violence over the years.

“It puts a knife right here because I don’t care who it is, whether it was that kid or a good kid, people should not be losing their children before they grow up, and I don’t know why people do things (like this),” said Christine Reimers, who has lived on Driftwood Avenue for many years.

Police investigating the area of Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue area. (Jeremy Yudin)

Jolayemi was last seen wearing a grey hooded sweater, grey track pants with a thin orange stripe on the pants, a shiny black puffy winter coat, black and yellow air Jordan shoes and may have been carrying a red and black Adidas back pack.

Officers are also looking to speak with the boy’s step-brother Olalekan Osikoya. Police say he’s not a suspect.

The suspects are two men, both wearing black jackets with bandanas. Police say the suspects were possibly seen in a black Jeep Wrangler with oversized tires, a front-mounted brush bar and round fog lights.

This vehicle of interest was seen in the area of Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue, around the same time the missing boy was last seen. (Toronto Police)

The police were contacted Wednesday evening regarding Jolayemi’s disappearance. An Amber Alert was issued shortly thereafter.

(Toronto Police)

“It’s not usually people from here… things don’t usually happen here,” Reimers said.

Reimers’ condo has experienced violent attacks before, including several gunshots.

“You can see the dents… And if you walk down towards the office, right at the end, that stairwell door has bullet holes in there too,” said Reimers, who has been on her condo’s Board of Directors for 13 years.

Toronto Police were at the home of the abducted child on Thursday morning. (Jeremy Yudin)

“I don’t care if your child is good or bad, you can never get over that,” she said.

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