COVID-19: Federal and provincial stimulus comparison

Published On March 26, 2020 | By tylerbiggs | Business, Features, Food, Life, News, Politics
Premier Doug Ford speaking on COVID-19 update. (Youtube)
Tyler Biggs

The federal government of Canada and the provincial government of Ontario have released their economic support plans for COVID-19.

On March 18, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced ‘the Economic Response Plan’ which saw over $82 billion allotted to families and businesses alike. The most recent plan raised the package’s total to $107 billion.

Trudeau upped the ante from his initial plan earlier in the week after opposition leaders voiced concerns over the Liberals’ ability to tax once things return to normal.

Over half the package is in deferred tax payments for businesses and individuals, struggling to deal with the COVID-19 isolation. The other portion is significant additional support for aid workers on the frontline of the fight.

Premier Doug Ford also released the province’s support plan which is set to spend $17 billion on taxpayers and businesses.

In it, Ford gives a much longer timeframe to pay bills and additional support for provincial hospitals and their employees.

Both have ensured to take immediate action in order to help every facet of Canadian life.

The following is an infographic depicting the differences in spending between the two institutions:

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