Toronto City Hall prepares to screen visitors at entrance

Published On February 7, 2020 | By Jeremy Yudin | News
Visitors to Toronto City Hall will be required to pass through a medal detector upon entering the building. (Pexels)
Jeremy Yudin

Visitors to Toronto City Hall will be required later this month to walk through a medal detector upon entering the landmark downtown building.

City of Toronto Councillor Stephen Holyday told Humber News that it’s hard to find a downside to this decision.

“I think most visitors would feel the upside that being in a public place just like when you visit a sporting event or a concert,” Holyday said on Friday.

“Once you’re in you feel safer because, you know, with a gathering of people there are risks,” he said.

The Toronto council approved the decision on Jan. 29 in a report that recommended the enhanced levels of security at City Hall.

Coun. Michael Thompson was reportedly displeased with the decision.

“There was a time in this city when we would leave our front doors open,” Thompson said in a web news article.

Holyday said the decision to increase security, which will begin Feb. 28, was not only for protection for people but for government stability, as well.

“A security incident can affect the continuity of government,” he said.

Holyday said the public’s confidence in government would also be affected by a security incident.

When the changes take places, visitors will have to walk through a metal detector before being granted access to certain areas of the building, including offices of the Mayor and Councillors, the committee rooms, the Council Chamber, customer service counters and elevators.

Baggage screening will not be required to access services on the main floor such as the information desk, library and café.

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