Extreme cold alert issued for all of Southern Ontario

Published On February 14, 2020 | By Ashley Radcliffe | News
Environment Canada issues a cold alert after -30 C weather takes over Toronto. (Flickr)

Ashley Radcliffe

The daily commute on Friday was a lot chillier than usual for people in the greater Toronto area.

Temperatures in Southern Ontario dropped to -21 C with a windchill of -30 C Friday morning.

An extreme cold alert had been issued by Environment Canada on Thursday warning commuters about the bone-chilling temperatures.

“A cold alert is issued out to the public when severe temperatures or a wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frostbite and hypothermia,” the alert said.

The morning temperatures posed a serious threat to the homeless, commuters, people who work outdoors, elderly people and young people, and people who have existing health conditions regarding their respiratory system or heart conditions.

The city had also issued a warning about the weather.

“The Medical Officer of Health will issue an Extreme Cold Weather Alert when Environment Canada forecasts a temperature of -15 C or colder, or a wind chill of -20 C or colder, for the City of Toronto,” the statement said.

The Metro Hall warming centre will be open to the public until the cold alert is terminated.

Torontonians are instructed to call 311 should they see a community member on the street who needs outreach assistance.

Temperatures were expected to warm up heading into the weekend.

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