Winter 2020 Humber Intramural Basketball

Jan 28, 2020 | Sports

Sean Marco

The Humber Intramural basketball season tipped off for the winter 2020 semester on Jan. 26. 

Sunday night featured seven games at the Humber North gym filled with students eager to play basketball. 

The intramural season runs from Jan. 26 to March 15 with games being played every Sunday. 

Humber Intramural Coordinator, Dylan Walters said it’s a good way to get involved.

“This gives students a chance to experience Humber on a non-educational level and make new friends,” he said. 

James Emmanuel taking a lay up during an intramural basketball game at Humber North Campus.

Humber includes other intramural sports at the North and Lakeshore campuses but basketball is by far the most popular sport.

During the fall semester, students are offered basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

In the winter, they are offered basketball, soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey. 

All Humber students are welcome, regardless of what campus they attend. 

Basketball talent and skills that are showcased during games range from rudimentary to Junior Varsity level but teams are divided into two divisions to keep things competitive. 

“After the first few games, we try to separate the teams, that way everyone plays their skill level,” Walters said “It keeps players invested and want to come every week.” 

The league is more popular this semester as it has 10 teams compared to the fall semester’s seven teams. 

Defending champion and MoneyTeam player, Dario Wright said he sees more competition this year. 

“There’s a lot more guys that can really play this semester,” he said “It’s nice to see because last semester was a little too easy.” 

After only suffering one loss from last season, MoneyTeam stormed through the competition and won the fall intramural season.

Janmar Doquenia has been participating in intramural activities since he started attending Humber College.

Returning player of BBB, James Emmanuel believes this semester is going to be interesting.

“Last year, you kinda knew who had an upper hand,” he said. “This year, there’s more teams that look like they have legitimate chance to win, there’s more competitive teams.” 

With the first week wrapped up, this semester is looking like a more competitive and fun league.