York U prof suspended following TTC sexual assault allegation

Published On January 23, 2020 | By Ashley Radcliffe | Crime, News
A York University Instructor has been identified as the man who allegedly assaulted a woman on the TTC. (Twitter)

Ashley Radcliffe

A York University instructor implicated in a sexual assault allegation on the TTC has temporarily been removed from his position.

The University has informed students that arrangements for the course to continue throughout the semester with another instructor have been made.

 “We’re aware of reports regarding an incident on the TTC allegedly involving one of our instructors,” said a tweet from York University.

The alleged TTC sexual assault took place on Jan.17 at approximately 4 p.m., involving a York University instructor and a 20-year-old female.

The incident took over social media platforms following a post made on Instagram by @inked_mamii warning transit-users to look out for the accuser after the scene took place.

Since the post was published @inked_mamii has said that many other women have privately messaged her with similar issues with the same man.

The woman came forward to media outlet CityNews to address the situation but did not want to be identified.

“The person squished himself right next to me … which I thought was weird, but then I thought ‘maybe he’s just trying to get comfortable’ (so) I didn’t think much of it,” said the victim of the TTC sexual assault allegation.

“Then I started feeling like something stroking the side of my breast,” she said.

York University released a statement addressing the issue after several people acknowledged the man was a faculty member at the institution.

The police have informed the public that the investigation is still active, and the Instagram user who initially brought the incident to social media has been working closely with Toronto detectives.

@inked_mamii works with Toronto detectives in TTC sexual assault investigation.

The TTC acknowledges the harassment in public places such as the TTC has been common for commuters for the years, and only a few victims have made reports of sexual harassment.

The TTC has been aware of this issue and has taken responsibility by creating an app called ‘SafeTTC’ to encourage victims to report these incidents while commuting.

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