Sentencing for ‘Chair Girl’ postponed after Crown finds new witness

Published On January 15, 2020 | By Madeline Jafarnejad | News
Marcella Zoia leaves Old City Hall Toronto Courthouse after her sentencing hearing is postponed. (Madeline Jafarnejad)
Madeline Jafarnejad

The woman known to Toronto as ‘chair girl’ was supposed to be sentenced today but new evidence has caused the hearing to be postponed until Feb. 7.

Marcella Zoia, 20 years old, pled guilty to mischief causing danger to life back in November 2019 and is now facing six months in jail.

Zoia admitted she is the one seen throwing a chair off the 45th-floor of the building on Feb. 9, last year but disputes that she was the one who posted the video that went viral.

“She denies that she posted anything online and our position is that she posted it on her own account,” said Crown attorney Heather Keating to reporters outside the courtroom.

Keating said there is a witness to testify that Zoia did, in fact, post the video to her own Snapchat, but The Crown did not have the evidence prepared in court.

Despite saying she hoped a decision would be made today, Justice Mara Greene decided to postpone the hearing.

“That finding fact may have a significant implication on the sentencing,” said Justice Greene.

Zoia’s lawyer Greg Leslie told reporters outside the courthouse that his client is “anxious” and “wants this to be over” but also said she “will not admit to something she didn’t do.”

Marcella Zoia’s attorney, Greg Leslie, told reporters outside Old City Hall that he thinks his client should not get any jail time for her crime. (Madeline Jafarnejad)

Leslie said he believes Zoia doesn’t deserve to go to jail for making a mistake and since the beginning of the case, he has maintained that Zoia is remorseful.

However, because of Zoia’s showing off on Instagram and a recent appearance in a Drake music video, some are finding it hard to believe she is indeed sorry for throwing the chair.

The chair said to have been thrown off the balcony by Zoia also appeared in court today.

Leslie told reporters that The Crown attorneys bringing the chair to court was just “theatrics.”

Regardless, Justice Greene told the court she is expecting to go ahead with the sentencing on Feb. 7.

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