Opening arguments in impeachment trial come to an end

Published On January 28, 2020 | By Galvin Zaldivar | News
Galvin Zaldivar
Attorney Ken Starr speaks as U.S. President Donald Trump’s legal team resumes its presentation of opening arguments in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial in this frame grab from video shot in the U.S. Senate Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 27, 2020. U.S. Senate TV/Handout via Reuters

The White House defense team in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump has ended, and what will now follow will be a two-day period for Senators to question the House managers and defense team.

The House managers led by Democrat Adam Schiff presented the case of the House of Representatives in the impeachment of the president. Specifically, he withheld $400 million in aid for Ukraine, approved by Congress, to put pressure on Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky to open an investigation into his political opponents.

Wrapping up the arguments for the defense, Counsel Pat Cipollone said, “What they are asking you to do is to throw out a successful president on the eve of an election with no basis and in violation of the Consitution.”

Speaking to reporters Schiff again emphasized the importance of calling further witnesses to testify, especially John Bolton.

He said all the Senate has heard so far has been arguments and said the real trial has yet to begin.

“That’s basically it, are we going to get a fair trial, or are we not,” Schiff said. “Is the Senate going to hear from someone [who is] a key and important witness on the most egregious of the president’s conduct or are we not?”

The oath of impartiality, taken by ever Senator before the trial began is clear that summoning further witnesses is necessary, he said.

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