Indoor garden at Union Station lifted commuters’ spirits to new highs

Published On January 31, 2020 | By kritika bhau | News
A Canadian cannabis company set up a nine-metre-long tunnel garden at Union Station this month. (Kritika Bhau)
Kritika Bhau

A Canadian cannabis company installed a lush, green-filled garden in one of Toronto’s busiest transit hubs this week in an effort to lift commuters’ spirits to new highs.

Aphria, an Ontario-based medical-marijuana producer, organized the nine-metre-long, tunnel-shaped installation called the Plant Positivity Winter Garden at Union Station to battle on Blue Monday.

“[January 20] is known as the saddest day of the year,” said Megan Wase, a volunteer with Aphria. The installation opened on the so-called Blue Monday, and ran until Jan. 24.

It was filled with different varieties of plants that organizers said offer health benefits like healing, wellness and recovery.

Commuters walk through the tunnel-shaped garden installation at Union Station. (Kritika Bhau)

“To combat some of that sadness, Aphria put up a green tunnel here … so that people can take a little break from their routine and let plants do their magic,” she said.

Aphria, which produces Indica, sativa and hybrid marijuana strains, believes plants have the power to change lives.

The indoor garden — without any of the company’s products — offered commuters information about the varieties of plants included in the installation and the benefits they offer.

Some visitors saw the tunnel as a reference to the environment and climate change.

Others appreciated the idea of incorporating plants into an urban setting as a way to green up the daily commute.

“Promoting plant positivity and giving everybody a chance to get a bit of fresh air here inside Union Station is a wonderful idea,” said Aaron Wong, a visitor to the installation.

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