Coronavirus: Everything you need to know

Published On January 24, 2020 | By Jeremy Yudin | International, News
Travellers, wearing masks, arrive on a direct flight from China, after Canada’s Public Health Agency added a screening question for visitors and began displaying messages in several airports urging travellers to report flu-like symptoms in efforts to prevent any introduction of coronavirus, at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada January 24, 2020. REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier
Patrick Simpson and Jeremy Yudin

The coronavirus has made headlines around the world and has had many people on edge since it first started appeared in December in China.

As of Friday, the virus, which falls in the same strain family as SARS, had infected over 900 people and killed 26 primarily in China, according to CNN.

“What’s going on right now is a similar theory to what (the) SARS epidemic was like. Although with the number of death cases, the proportion of their cases is less but the epidemic is due,” said Pierre Talbot, a biology professor at the INRS, which is part of the University of Quebec in Quebec City.

Talbot told Humber News that the coronavirus appears to be like SARS.

“SARS coronavirus hit Toronto (15 years ago) as you know, but we didn’t know much about the virus at the time. This time we know the virus very well already, which is a major feat,” he said.

While the coronavirus hasn’t spread to Toronto, health officials announced at a news conference Friday that they are ‘ready and prepared’.

Here is what you should know about this emerging epidemic.



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