Toronto residents asked for input on city governance

Published On June 4, 2019 | By Pragati Kaushal | Politics

Torontonians will be able to talk to councilors directly about their concerns for the city. Nathan Square of Toronto.(Flickr)

Pragati Kaushal 

The City of Toronto’s Special Committee on Governance launched an online survey yesterday and will be holding public meetings across the city to gather ideas from residents.

The special committee was established by City Council in December 2018 to look after the City’s governance structure and processes.

This month five public sessions will be held throughout Toronto and each will consist of two parts, an open house and a roundtable discussion, a City of Toronto report said.

During the open house residents can drop in any time to speak with city staff, offer their ideas and learn more about Toronto’s governance, the report said.

Participants are welcome to stay, discuss their ideas with each other in small groups and develop recommendations for the Committee and staff to consider.

These meetings are open to the general public where anyone can come with their problems and suggestions.

The focus of these meetings and surveys is to connect with people, support them and discuss the issues and troubles they are facing, the report said.

The online survey is divided into two sections, city council decision-making and public participation.

The survey will be confidential and no personal information is required to fill it out.

The last date to submit the online survey response is July 26.

City Councillor John Filion held a public meeting yesterday where he talked with constituents and took their questions.

“We are inviting people to get out in the evening and meet me face to face with a cup of coffee and discuss their issues,” he said.

“Mainly people are coming with the issues of transit, traffic, and development of some local areas,” Markus O’Brien Fehr, an executive assistant for the councilor, said.

This will also help residents from different countries and communities understand the politics of Toronto and how it works, he said.

The City of Brampton is also holding similar public meetings for residents to participate in the local government process.

The dates of the meetings are available on their website where constituents can search by area of interest.

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