Brunch Fest Toronto joins vendors from across city

Published On June 4, 2019 | By Martyna Noworyta | Food, Life

Bud Light Radler Brunch Fest hosted over 20 vendors from around Toronto. (Facebook/TheBrunchFest)

Martyna Noworyta

Brunch Fest Toronto took over the grounds of Hotel X Toronto this past weekend, showcasing a variety of tastes from unique vendors all in one location.

Hundreds of event-goers with big appetites assembled to the outdoor festival located at 115 Princes’ Boulevard, right by the waterfront location of Ontario Place.

The event was sponsored by Bud Light Radler and organized by Cravings Food Co., running June 1 and 2, and selling out both days.

Large events like Brunch Fest are a great way for local businesses to showcase their products, participants say.

Ray Costain, owner of restaurant Dope as Duck, said that despite rain taking over parts of Saturday afternoon, the turnout of the event was better than expected, filled with people dedicated to getting their food.

“Being a vendor at food events is an amazing experience and it really helps me to promote my brand and opens up an opportunity for us to feed thousands of hungry customers in one location,” Costain said.

Brunch Fest hosted over 20 vendors on site with products varying from Eggs Benedict and chicken and waffles, to lavender lattes.

Joseph Trichilo, founder of Morning Roast cafe, said Brunch Fest is a strong way for his business to gain brand exposure and showcase the quality of his products.

“They [events] have also been a great way to network with like-minded professionals [that] in some cases can lead to partnerships and collaborations,” Trichilo said.

Brunch Fest is only one of the many events Trichilo has done, and he said they have all been a valuable learning experience that has helped facilitate growth in some way.

Both Costain and Trichilo said that Brunch Fest is an event that helps smaller businesses in Toronto get some spotlight and assists to create new and future customers.

While this may seem like just another average food festival, attendee Alexandra Kraczek said this event enlightened her to some new food hubs in Toronto and has made her consider visiting multiple vendors on her own time.

“Brunch Fest showcases some of the best locally owned restaurants in the city,” Kraczek said. “With the small portions, you’re able to have a taste of most of them and go back to them another day.”

The event relocated to a bigger space this year because of the increased demand.

Costain said that all of the hard work and many hours spent feeding people is well worth it in the end and he is looking forward to doing as many festivals as possible this summer.

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