TTC riders to benefit from cellular network extension

Published On May 21, 2019 | By Alan Jose | News, Sci/Tech

Passengers can now use the free WiFi  along with cellular networks on subway trains (Alan Jose)

Alan Jose

The TTC’s extension of cellular services at subway stations will help more passengers call and text while riding the subway.

“This extension helps various mobile network users stay connected with others while traveling,” TTC customer care representative Sylvania Johns said.

Passengers don’t have to pay any additional fees to make use of this service, she said.

Previously only WiFi was available at subway stations meaning service was lost once passengers left the station.

Now riders will be able to send and receive text messages as well as make and receive calls on their service provider, even meters underground.

Bell Alliances International Canada (BAI) installed cellular-capable devices in more than 30 subway stations which host the TCONNECT WiFi network, said in TTC’s website.

The recent extension of mobile network services at subway stations helps people stay connected while on trains. (Alan Jose)

Earlier this facility was exclusively available for Freedom users, now everyone can make use of the cellular coverage in stations, Johns said.

While Freedom customers will automatically connect to the network, Bell, Rogers, Fido and Telus users will have to activate the service when they enter the station, similar to how they would connect to WiFi.

According to Freedom mobile’s official website, customers who ride the subway in Toronto can use their phones across all TTC subway station platforms, mezzanines, toll booths and trains.

This includes six new stations recently opened on the Line 1 extension, said in Freedom Mobile’s official website.

Monica Miller, a regular TTC rider, is supportive of the upgrade, as is Amit Sharma, a George Brown student who relies on the subway to get to school.

Sharma believes the service will be useful to all riders, especially students.

“I have missed several important calls while on the subway,” he said. “I’m glad to hear such good news.”

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