TTC fares are increasing today

Published On April 1, 2019 | By ketteliawright | News

Presto cards users will pay $3.10, an increase of 10 cents for every trip. Monthly passes will go up by $4.90 to $151.15 per month. (File Photo/Humber News)

Kettelia Wright

This is not an April fools joke – TTC increased transit fares today.

Presto cards users will pay $3.10, an increase of 10 cents for every trip. Monthly passes will go up by $4.90 to $151.15 per month.
 12-month passes will increase by $4.55 to $138.55 per month. Student, post-secondary and senior passes will increase by $5.70 per month to $112.25.
Adult cash fares will remain the same at $3.25 per single trip. Students and seniors cash will go up 10 cents to $2.20. Every Children under 12-years-old will continue to ride the rocket for free.
The fare increases will bring in an extra $26 million dollars in revenue for the city of Toronto. This is the first increase in 2 years.
According to TTC the fare increase still  keeps the average fare increase over the last two years below the rate of inflation. 
“This budget allows us to retain the important investments in public transit services Toronto Council has approved over the past several years,” said TTC Chair Jaye Robinson. “
“Increasing fares is always a last resort, but in order to protect those services, we need to strike a balance between what’s affordable to our customers and to the residents of Toronto.”
A full fare breakdown is available of the TTC website.

A lot of TTC customers are not happy with the hike in price and some took to Twitter to express their frustrations.

Humber College students said the price hike is “annoying” and “inconvenient.”

“It’s a little annoying because I commute one way an hour and a half everyday. I basically spend three hours on a bus most days. I use the transit a lot, and now that the fares have increased means i’m going have to pay more which is very inconvenient for me now,” BRTV student Irina Teodorescu said.

“I don’t like it, but if  they’re using that money to improve service then it’s okay,” Electronics student Owen Do said.

Anyone that uses the weekly passes will now to purchase monthly passes or single fares, TTC is also looking into a weekly maximum for Presto card users.

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