Humber alumnus and Newstalk 1010 reporter lands Simpsons gig

Published On April 22, 2019 | By denissa palmer | Arts

NewsTalk1010 Reporter Lucas Meyers to play Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on The Simpsons this Sunday on FOXTV

Denissa Palmer

NewsTalk1010 Reporter & Humber Alumni. Photo taken from Twitter

Humber alumnus Lucas Meyer will be a guest voice on The Simpsons this Sunday on Fox TV and CityTV.  Meyer will be impersonating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after gaining recognition for his skill when he posted two videos on YouTube in 2017.

“Back in November of 2017, I did a little video and it got some nice attention. Certainly nothing super viral, but some news articles and a couple pieces here and there and then I did a second one later one,” he said.

“In the fall of last year, I got an email from The Simpsons, saying they had an episode coming up based off of Canada and the Prime Minister. They came across my stuff and asked if I’d be interested,” he continued.

Meyer auditioned by phone that day and got a call the following day that he had be chosen for the role. Overflowing with excitement, he was forced to keep this a secret until now.

The NewsTalk 1010 reporter returned to Toronto after living in Calgary for seven years. Born and raised in Montreal, his family moved to Nova Scotia when he was 14. Meyer attended high school and university in Nova Scotia and attended Humber to complete his a postgraduate certificate in Journalism.

Growing up in a household filled with a variety of theatre talent, Meyer took on the role of the comedian with his impersonations. Mimicking movies like Home Alone and Ace Ventura, he became fulfilled by the laughter of his parents and siblings.

Meyer still finds it hard to put his Simpsons opportunity into words but said he won’t pursue a career in impersonations.

“I love what I do, Humber prepared me well. This feels like such a one-off experience. I didn’t plan this and I don’t possibly see it continuing. But to get this kind of experience is quite humbling,” Meyer said.

Humber College Professor Terri Arnott taught Meyer in her Media Production class and described him as the life of the party.

“He kept the class laughing all the time. No low feelings, never down. He just kept everyone going and laughing. He was just a ball of energy,” she said.

Arnott didn’t get to hear any of his impersonations while he was in school but got a hold of them via Twitter.

“He was very hardworking, very observant. He watched people and managed to keeps everyone’s spirits up, as well. I think naturally comedy was his thing.”

Arnott said being your natural self helps you to find comfort in whatever you’re meant to do.

“You need to be able to loosen up, get comfortable with the people around you and be relaxed. I think that’s what he [Meyer] does,” she continued.

Although many have advised Meyer of the different job opportunities that can come with his talent, his end goal is to make up for missing his family calling in the acting profession.

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