Live painting event promotes upcoming annual Art Show

Published On March 7, 2019 | By rosslopes | Arts

Ross Lopes

Both Humber North and Lakeshore campuses are preparing for the 33rd annual Art Show and are accepting submissions starting Monday, Mar. 11.

“You don’t have to be from an art program [to submit],” said Ruby Boamah, Chair of the Humber Art Show. “We even get submissions from the policing programs.”

The candidates from the Art Show will compete in the League of Innovation, which is a non-profit organization for college students who are interested in art, she said.

Students who walked by in the LRC on Wednesday, Mar. 6 were given the chance to take a break from their busy schedule to paint to relief some stress and encourage them to submit artwork for the Art Show. (Ross Lopes)

On Wednesday, a live painting event was held by Humber public relations students on both campuses simultaneously to promote the opening of submissions for the art show.

Ryan Durgy, media relations for the Humber Art Show, said the event is also to help students take a break from their busy school schedule and inspire them to release their creativity and submit their artwork for the show.

“I think painting is just a really great stress relief,” Durgy said, “We’re so attached to our devices nowadays that actually getting a paint brush in your hand and painting is just so cathartic.”

Boamah said she believes every student is an artist and everybody has an inner artist in them.

“We want to spark that in every student,” she says. “We want to remind people that art is in any form is open to what you think art is.”

As students enter the ninth week of the semester, what Boamah calls “hump week,” she said it can be the most stressful time of the year and be hard for first-year students to adapt to their schedules.

“You come to school, to come to class and sit in a lecture but when you come to school and you’re actually doing something interactive, it’s different [and] changes your day,” she said relating it to the event.

The annual Art Show submission poster can be found around campus as the first day to submit starts Monday, Mar. 11. (Courtesy Ryan Durgy)

Lillian Tran, who works in the Office of Registrar, said that whenever she gets a chance to be creative, she goes for it.

“I’ve always loved [painting]” Tran said. “Its something that just comes naturally to me. I do find it relaxing as well and is a great way to express my emotions.”

Durgy said having a stress reliever in between midterms, exams and assignments for students is inspiring.

“What’s cool is that our event is all about promoting that anyone can be an artist,” he said. “Art to me it means a creative outlet [and can] help you grow as a person and just take your mind off things.”

For Tran, art is how she expresses herself.

“I know a lot of people look down upon art but really it is everywhere,” she said. “It’s the way the school was designed, the way that you dress yourself, it is art … It is everywhere, even the way a flower grows. It is all art.”

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