Humber employees on Sunshine List doubles post strike

Mar 28, 2019 | News

Humber President Chris Whitaker takes questions at the end of the Strategic Plan Town Hall in 2017. (File photo/Humber Etc Cetera)

Christian Aguirre

The number of Humber employees on the Ontario Sunshine List has more than doubled since last year. The jump in the statistic may seem odd at first but it’s actually a side effect of last year’s college strike.

In 2018, 560 Humber employees made the Sunshine List compared to 244 in 2017. This huge jump in numbers happened because many professors hover around the 100K mark.  Last year, those same professors lost five weeks of wages due to the strike. This five-week pay interruption caused some educators to earn less than 100k that year. This would explain why the number of Humber employees on the Sunshine List went from 458 in 2016 to 244 in 2017 just to jump back to 560 in 2018.

Another interesting fact is Humber President Chris Whitaker made $432,958.84, which is also what he earned in 2017. In other words, he didn’t get a raise.

Whitaker is the highest paid college president in Ontario making almost more than double his counterpart at Confederation College.

2018 Sunshine List shows the pay of Ontario College Presidents (Courtesy Government of Ontario)

The highest paid woman at Humber is a tie between Senior Vice-President Laurie Rancourt and Senior Vice-President Rani Dhaliwal. They both made $295,986.86 and are the second highest paid Humber employees in 2018.

Professors dominated the Humber sunshine list making up 367 of the 560 on the 2018 list. Professors make up 61% of Humber’s workers on the Sunshine List but are on the bottom half if the list is organized by pay.

The highest paid professor at Humber earned $135,878.92 while the lowest paid professor earned $100,009.58. The difference in pay between the two is almost $36,000.