Nutella spreads all over Humber

Feb 4, 2019 | Life

Professor Kenneth Ku showing off his Nutella spread ahead of the big day . (Michael Thomas)

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Humber College north campus is where you want to be on Tuesday Feb. 5.

The college will be celebrating World Nutella Day.

Kenneth Ku,  professor in the Baking and Pastry Management Program, said “Its  it’s a global event and its great to be a part of it.”

Celebrating World Nutella Day was a group decision and although this is the first one of this kind for Humber, Ku said it’s going to be an annual event at the college and he is encouraging everyone to come and celebrate.

He said it not just Nutella  that gets its own special day. “We also celebrate world national ice-cream day here too and we produce some of the finest ice-cream here at Humber.”

Ko said that the event is only sponsored by Humber now, and he hopes that Nutella will come on board once they see that their product is being showcased here.

Aman Patel is one of the student chiefs in the pastry program who will be serving up Nutella in a big way on Tuesday. “I am definitely very excited about World Nutella Day,” he said.

Aman Patel proudly displays Nutella for Tomorrows event. Michael Thomas

Alvis Julien a second-year landscape technician at Humber said he did not know of the event, but after hearing about it, he plans to attend tomorrow “I like the chocolate stuff especially when its spread on toast”, he said.

The event will be held on Tuesday February 5 at 205 Humber College North from 11:am to 2:pm at E 135 concourse.

Ku said this year it’s all about sampling the product .He hopes in the coming years to add all sorts of Nutella baked goods too. ‘Tomorrow it’s not We are Humber, its We are Nutella.”