Extreme cold weather continues in the city

Jan 21, 2019 | Life, News

Environment Canada warns Torontonians about extreme cold temperatures, has it digs into it’s third day in Toronto, on Monday January 21, 2019. (Kettelia Wright)

Kettelia Wright

A very cold weekend led to an even colder start to the school week. leaving thousands of Humber College students chilled to the bone.

International student Amritbir Singh is anything but chill when it comes to the cold.

“I just moved from India this year, and the weather its very different compared to there, it is very cold here right now. it’s making it very hard for me to adapt.” Singh said.

Environment Canada issued an extreme cold weather alert, that still remains in effect. Severe wind chills will continue at minus 30, but will feel like minus 38.

In a release published by Toronto Public Health, medical officers advise everyone to stay warm, dressing in layers of clothing, and covering exposed skin to help prevent frostbites.

“Since frostbite can develop over a relatively short period of time during periods of extreme cold, TPH recommends wearing waterproof and windproof outer layers as well as warm, waterproof boots.” Associate Medical Spokesperson Dr. Christine Navarro said.

Dr. Navarro also recommends individuals keep moving and take breaks in warm places when possible.

There are 24/7 hour warming centers available for the city’s most vulnerable. They are located at Metro Hall, and Regent Park Community Centre.

Extreme cold weather can be harmful to one’s health, Dr. Navarro said

Residents should be aware of the symptoms of hypothermia such as difficulty walking, talking or thinking, and drowsiness. Visit elderly or isolated neighbors and friends to ensure their living environments are at least 21 degrees Celsius.

Many school boards in the city were forced to cancel school bus services, but school still remained open.

TTC warned commuters of possible delays amid cold weather alert. It took some students a little longer getting to class this morning, because of transit delays.

Toronto will get a break from the bitter cold starting tomorrow. According to Environment Canada, a high of minus 4 is expected. with 30 per cent chance of flurries in the morning. Plus temperatures will return on Wednesday. going up to a high of plus 3.