From status symbol to necessity: a timeline on the cellular phone

Sep 15, 2018 | Biz/Tech

Maheen Malik

Cell phones used to be a status symbol only the rich would indulge in, but today they are devices that even toddlers play and learn on. Let’s explore 30 years into the past when the cell phone was created and revolutionized.

The buzzing of smart phones and devices has become as familiar to us as the sound of wind and rain – but it’s interesting to remember that phones weren’t always as smart as they are today, and before the 1980s mobile phones simply didn’t exist.

Now, Apple has released the specs of several new models of the iPhone. With the “cheaper” option being around a $1,000, some customers are enraged over  increasing prices.. The most expensive of the new collection comes in at $1,999 before tax. A price that almost equals the first ever portable cellular phone launched back in 1984. Slowly over the years, phones have gotten smaller, thinner, more durable, and sometimes even bigger. Amongst all these constant changes the price has fluctuated as well.

The timeline below highlights exactly that.