Toronto Centre elects Suze Morrison of the NDP

Jun 7, 2018 | News

Michelle Neha, Chanel Sethi and Sebastian Mahecha

Suze Morrison has scored a victory for the New Democrats in Toronto Centre in the Ontario election.

With 84 polls reporting, Morrison won by a majority of 23,688 votes and 53.66 per cent of the vote.

The Liberal party’s David Morris came in second with 11,986 ballots cast and 27.15 per cent share, while Meredith Cartwright of the Progressive Conservatives received 6,234 votes and 14.12 per cent of the vote. The Green Party’s Adam Sommerfeld  received 3.12 per cent of the ballots cast with 1,377 votes.

Morrison of the NDP focused her campaign on amplifying people’s voices and creating more equitable communities. “I want to make sure that Toronto is always a place that supports people when they need it most,” she said on her website, adding “where no one is left behind because of poverty or affordability.”


Morrison worked in the Indigenous nonprofit sector to improve the lives of urban Indigenous people across Ontario and co-founded Women in Politics in 2013, a grassroots initiative to increase the representation of women in government.

(Suze Morrison celebrates her win. Sebastian Mahecha)

Morris ran to replace Glen Murray, who first won the riding in 2010. He ran on a platform of community engagement. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he aimed to empower communities of all ages.

The Toronto resident campaigned on being a voice for diversity and inclusion in issues like fair employment, community safety and education. His father was a long‐time municipal councillor in the Township of Central Wellington, a community north of Guelph.

Cartwright stated on her website she is an accomplished human rights lawyer, businesswoman and advocate for Toronto Centre. She serves on several boards and is a fighter for women’s and children’s rights in law and health. She runs two private equity firms.

Sommerfeld is a veteran of election campaigns. He ran as a Green federally in the Ottawa area and in Quebec. “Our vision looks to build on our healthcare system, invest in preventive care, physical and mental care,” he said on his website.

Sommerfeld believes in doing politics differently by seeking creative solutions that are socially just, economically viable, ecologically sound and equitable.

The other parties on the ballot included The People, Libertarians, Canadian Economic, New People’s Choice, Special Needs and the Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda.


During the 2014 election, the Liberals won with a majority of 58 per cent, or 29,935 votes cast. They defeated the Progressive Conservatives who got 18.5 per cent or 9,498 votes, while the NDP finished third with 8,140 votes at 15.9 per cent. The Green Party managed to get 4.4 per cent or 2,265 votes, an improvement from the previous elections.

(From left to right: David Morris-Liberals, Suze Morrison-NDP, Meredith Cartwright-PC, Adam Sommerfeld-Green Party)

The Liberal Party also won the 2011 elections with a plurality of 13,665 votes. However, the NDP got 25 per cent or 11,571 of the votes. The Progressive Conservatives party received 7,186 votes and a 15 per cent ballot to finish at third place. The Green Party received 1123 votes that made up 2.4 per cent of the turnout.