Etobicoke Art Group showcases works in 54th annual show

Published On May 23, 2018 | By celestedecaire | Arts

Group gathers for tour at the Etobicoke Civic Centre to view art from the EAG. (Photo/Celeste Decaire)

Celeste Decaire

The Etobicoke Art Group wraps up its 54th annual juried exhibition at the Etobicoke Civic Centre this week.

The month long art exhibition comes to an end Thursday. The gallery displayed select paintings from the works of artists from the local Neilson Park Creative Centre.

Eileen Menzel is a long time artist and has organized the show since 2003.

“The whole spirit is cooperation with the Etobicoke Art Group,” Menzel said. “You can steal, beg, and borrow whatever you’d like as an artist but the whole thing is about sharing what you have. There’s none of the nastiness of an art school, but it is one.”

The group started in 1951 when Etobicoke residents wanted an outlet to showcase the local talent of visual artists in the city.

It is the longest running annual art show, appearing since 1977 at the Civic Centre.

The artwork is chosen based on a specific criteria by two experienced jurors from the field.

But while there is a list of winners, you won’t see ribbons tagged to the works of art. Menzel said that everyone will always have their own favorites.

“The first thing I always teach is that, there’s a fire, the smoke is coming in. Which painting would you grab?” Menzel said.

Menzel led one of the last tours of the EAG’s exhibition show on Wednesday.

Nancy Farrell is one of the several artists whose work was selected by jurors to be displayed in the gallery. She said she looks forward to the show year after year.

“I am always happy to be juried into their shows as I know how wonderful all the art will be coming out of this group. It is an honour to get into the show as the competition is fierce!” Farrell said.

Farrell began her art career in her late 50s by attending the University of Guelph. She graduated in 1993 and has since been painting and sculpting.

Painting titled, “Bridge over troubled waters” by Nancy Farrell featured in the art gallery. (Photo/Celeste Decaire)


Denise Dickin is the senior arts consultant at the Etobicoke Civic Centre and has helped organize the event with her staff, along with the help of many volunteers, since 2011.

“It’s a good show because it has a high participation rate from some really established artists in Etobicoke. A lot of these artists have been practising for decades,” Dickin said.

At the building, the main attraction isn’t art but it’s an added feature for people going there to pay bills or pick their children up from daycare.

Dickin said this gallery is different from others because it appeals to people that wouldn’t typically step foot in an art gallery.

“I love this gallery because it isn’t a place that people come to see art and they get to experience art anyways,” Dickin said.

The exhibition is the fourth of ten art shows at the civic centre this year.

“We’re creating opportunities for the public and we’re also creating opportunities for artists to show in a gallery where it’s not a financially onerous experience for them,” Dickin said.

The Etobicoke Civic Centre will host its next art show called, Water Reflections that is presented by the Canadian Society of Painters in water colour. It begins May 29th and runs until June 21st.

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