Trudeau speaks on gender equality and climate change at French National Assembly

Published On April 17, 2018 | By HN Staff | News, Politics

Kasie DaSilva

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the issues of gender equality and climate change during his speech this morning to the French National Assembly.

Trudeau who is the first Canadian Prime Minister to  address the French parliament, praised France’s efforts to pursue gender equality in their government. 

“Inequality that we see in our society causes doubt and uncertainty and even hostility with respect to an integrated world,” he said. 

“It is an obstacle in our prosperity, indeed we are all losers when our fellow citizens are excluded because of their gender or their sexual orientation or their gender identity.”   

The comment received a standing ovation from the women and and multiple men in attendance.


He also spoke on how Canada is progressing towards the future.

“When many countries are defining themselves through opposition, Canada is declaring ourselves in favour of progressing in trade, in favour of diversity, in favour of immigration, in favour of environmental protection,” he said.

“In Favour of gender equality, in favour of the rule of law, in favour of equality and liberty.”



Trudeau said that gender equality is one of the Canadian government’s priorities for the G7 Summit in Quebec in June.

Canada and France pledged to renew the fight against climate change on Monday, hoping to keep momentum after U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.

“Our two countries are thus united to fight climate change while growing our economy in a sustainable way,” he said.

“On both sides of the Atlantic we are making investments for clean technology and green infrastructure.”

Trudeau’s speech also touched on the rise of populism which has become a serious concerns in France and other parts of Europe.

“Even though our citizens are in better health now, richer, more educated, many are concerned about their future and the future of the children” he said.

“In too many countries populism is becoming stronger and democracy is eroding. We must admit change isn’t always synonymous with progress.”


 Trudeau spent Monday with French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe discussing their countries’ futures. 

“When I think of the future of Canada and the positive and bold role we intend to play, I see in every chapter that France is by our side, whether it is respect to progressive trade, inclusion or the environment, I see France having a positive influence on our entire world,” he said.

Later on today Trudeau is flying to London, England to attend the Commonwealth meeting and then meet with British counterpart Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth.

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