Standing up to bullying at Humber’s Pink Party

Published On April 13, 2018 | By adityakrishnan | News

Students pose at the photobooth during Pink Party at Humber College North campus. (Aditya Krishnan)

Aditya Krishnan

The LGBTQ+ centre hosted a Pink Party to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny and all forms of bullying while celebrating International Day of Pink at Humber College North campus on Thursday.

The event celebrated diversity and raised awareness about the issues and it encouraged students to wear pink and attend the party.

Volunteers taught students about discrimination and different kinds of phobias associated with queer and trans communities. (Aditya Krishnan)

It had trivia stalls to learn more about the different kinds of phobias and discrimination. Students were able to sign a pledge to commit to stand up against bullying.

Natalie Elisha, LGBTQ+ student diversity coordinator, said the party was held to raise visibility and awareness for efforts that support queer and trans communities.

“It’s a day to stand up against bullying, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression,” Elisha said.

She said the movement started in Nova Scotia several years ago where a student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. They assumed that student to be gay. The student’s classmates decided to wear pink the next day to take a stand against bullying.

Elisha said fear and discomfort of people that are different are some of the main causes of bullying and discrimination. When people haven’t had an opportunity to learn about different interests then it can be threatening for them to interact in a normal way.

First-year general arts and science student Jason Hyatt said there should be a pink day everyday. (Aditya Krishnan)

“Events like these are important to get people to have these conversations and think about it,” she said.

“I think its awesome, there should be a pink day everyday,” said first-year general arts and science student Jason Hyatt.

He said he feels everybody faces discrimination and people need to come out and talk so they get support. There needs to be more education and awareness so that people understand how to treat the LGBTQ+ community, Hyatt said.

Emily Bedford, a third-year psychology student from the University of Guelph-Humber said everyone has to stand together as a team against bullying to get over it.

“We all wear pink to show support to anyone who is different and is being bullied,” she said.

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