Recreational cannabis on Humber campus will remain banned

by | Apr 17, 2018 | News

Molly MacTaggart

Pot could be decriminalized by this summer but you won’t be allowed to get stoned at Humber College.

On the books as of writing it’s illegal to possess or traffic the substance with the exception of needing cannabis for medical reasons.

On the security side of things, there won’t be any pro pot revolution.

“If you smoke on campus, we try and put a lid on it.” said¬†Rob Kilfoyle, Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

Anyone who has medical reasons for smoking cannabis at Humber is exempted, legally speaking.

“We can issue violation notices,” Kilfoyle said.

But he warned that the Smoke Free Ontario Act could be cited and a smoke inspector brought in if students do not comply with Humber security’s request to stop smoking in public.

Kilfoyle anticipates that the legalization will cause cannabis to be treated in the same way as alcohol.

He confirmed that as it stands now, residences on campus are not permitted to grow or have recreational smoking. There won’t be designated areas to smoke cannabis like cigarettes in public spaces.

Niagara College will be offering the country’s first credential for commercial cannabis production this fall.

Bill C-45 which would legalize, regulate and control distribution of cannabis for those of age.

However there are stumbling blocks in the way of senate passing this bill through second reading. If the bill gets killed today, it’s unlikely to get passed in the near future.

If the bill cannot get support from the Red Chamber, it’s nixed for July decriminalization.

According to a CBC report independent and Liberal senators in favor of the bill hold over half of the seats. They have 54 out of 93 seats.

The newly appointed senators are independents so the Liberal government in the commons can’t whip.