Funerals begin for Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash victims

Apr 12, 2018 | News

Photo Credit by Discover Humboldt

Chihiro Miya

The first funeral for a victim of the Humboldt Broncos’ fatal bus crash was held on Thursday at the Elgar Petersen Arena where the Broncos played their home games in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Radio broadcaster Tyler Bieber, 29, was killed on April 6 following the massive deadly bus crash.

Bieber worked at Humboldt’s local radio station and travelled with the team for the game.

This was his first season as play-by-play announcer for the Broncos games.

Last Friday, a total 15 people were confirmed dead in the crash involving a semi-truck and the team bus.

A 24-year-old athletic therapist,Dayna Brons, became the 16th victims of the crash on Wednesday.

She was the lone woman aboard the Humboldt Broncos’ team, and died in hospital after she suffered serious head trauma.


After the deadly bus accident, Toronto Mayor John Tory proclaimed April 12 as “Jersey Day” to encourage people to wear hockey jerseys or green and gold  for those victims.

“We are all heartbroken by this tragedy. This is a small but important way for everyone, including City of Toronto staff, to demonstrate their support for all those who have been affected,” said Tory in a statement.

“It is so far geographically between Toronto and Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and yet we are part of the same country that celebrates hockey, that celebrates its young people, and that celebrates its small towns and big cities. ”

Humber College also participated in this campaign.

Photo by Chihiro Miya

Guillermo Acosta, Dean in the School of Media Students and Information Technology at Humber College, wore Humber’s sports jersey in support of Jersey Day.

Acosta said “Jersey Day” is a way to show solidarity with the families, the parents, and the whole community.

“I think the whole nation is in sorrow for what happened and just want to make a gesture of solidarity with them,” he said.

“My hope is to raise awareness also and of this type of thing shouldn’t happen. Safety is a problem and I think if we make people more aware of these, people would be perhaps driving safer. It’s a really unfortunate thing that happened and it’s more than anything, a symbol of solidarity with the families.”


Photo by Chihiro Miya

Luba Jaber, a Humber employee, was wearing a green jersey.

“My reason is mainly because I want to support the team that unfortunately lost their lives, 15 young mean lost their lives with the Broncos,” Jaber said.

“I also love hockey and I want to support the Toronto Maple Leafs so I think today being the first day of their playoffs, it will be a nice day to commemorate the loss of lives and we all as Canadians would like to support the families and people who are effect by this terrible tragedy.”

She said she hoped people will realize that Canadians want to help each other.

“We want to make sure that we are all there as a family for people when they’re going through terrible times, and just love the fact that we all love hockey,” she said.

“We’re all Canadians, and even those who come from all over the world, wherever they come from, they still like to support Canada and our hockey team, and when something happened that’s tragic as this, I think people like to come out and support it.”