Doug Ford platform is full of cutbacks and concern for Ontario voters

Apr 17, 2018 | News

Doug Ford is not the kind of candidate to mince words. He, much like his late father and brother as a politician is making promises to cut back on spending. He’s also promised to cut back on taxes.

Doug Ford in Ottawa said “the plan is to put money back in your pocket instead of the government’s.”

His lack of media transparency has left some voters concerned for the fate of Television Ontario in the wake of a Ford victory.

“Those cuts have to come from somewhere, and he hasn’t been forthcoming about where” said Daniel Bernhard is the executive director for Friends of CBC.

The organization is a non-profit, national that lobbies for the preservation and investment in public broadcasting.

They started in 1985 in response to the Brian Mulroney government cutting back on funding towards the national broadcaster.

Back in 1985 they placed a full page ad in the Globe and Mail.

The organization has 364,000 supporters across Canada.


Right now they’re campaigning to increase independence of the CBC and are very concerned with regards to Canadian content on Netflix.

“We would campaign harder for TVO,” confirmed Bernhard.

His concern rose for TVO when Ford promised to cut six billion dollars from the Ontario budget.

The organization wants to find out Ford’s official stance on TVO.

Ford could not be reached for comment as of writing.

They’ve even written to the prospective premiere and no answer.

“We’re going to put out public opinion polls,” said Bernhard.

Bernhard continued to explain that Ford taking from TVO would “not work in his favour” considering even conservative voters support TVO’s programming.