Humber film students start production at Cinespace Studios

Published On March 1, 2018 | By Tina Nalova Ikome-Likambi | Arts, College Strike

Ryann Kahler and Chelsea Mendes

Humber students are finally getting their big shot at Cinespace, the largest production studio located in Toronto.

The plan to move Humber film and television production students from the school’s campus to Cinespace studios began during last semester’s college strike. Film professors were eager to find a new location to help students finish their projects, with students officially moving into the space last week.




courtesy of CTV Toronto

The second-year students spent their studio time working on a short film titled “Dawn”. The film tells the story of 12-year-old Dawn, and how she copes with her mom being diagnosed with cancer. The company has been providing space for the film production industry for about 30 years. They have worked on big pictures, from the hit TV show “Road to Avonlea” to Oscar Award-winning film “Chicago”. Cinespace recently expanded their facilities, adding a new location in Chicago. This makes the family-owned company North America’s largest owner of studio space.

Humber News got a behind-the-scenes look of the studios.


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