TTC investigates video of man riding on back of subway

Published On February 27, 2018 | By mdeeder | News

(via @blizzard.fingers on Instagram)

Christina Mulherin

The  Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will pursue charges against a man who hitched a ride on the back of a subway car.

The short 10-second video was posted to Instagram on Monday by a user named @6ixbuzztv, which shows what seems to be a man hanging off the back of a moving subway car.

Posted Monday afternoon, the video had more than 40,000 views by around 6 p.m.

The video, which was credited to another account, has since been removed from the page.

Instagram profile photo for Liam Haslett (@blizzard.fingers).

20-year-old student Liam Haslett filmed himself using a smart phone.

The video which was posted on Instagram was credited to  @blizzard.fingers. The account belonging to York University student by the name of Liam Haslett and was set to private. The account’s public bio, however, says he is a bartender and “professional train rider”.

Haslett declined an interview with Humber News saying, ”he doesn’t want to further comment.” However, in a recent statement to CTV Toronto, Haslett said “I’d like to state for the record that this did not occur on TTC property,” he said. “I can’t comment on the location. For my protection, this did not happen on the TTC.” He also said the video was taken about a year ago.

TTC reportedly received a call on Monday evening from an individual inquiring about  what fines or charges the stunt might entail.

Haslett told City News he saw a video of some guys doing the same thing with a train in New York City.

“I was 11 out of 10 drunk and I remember thinking hey, ‘I want to do this’ this is a like a bucket-list item type of thing,” said Haslett.

Humber News also reached out to the TTC, but they have not yet responded. Stuart Green, spokesperson for the TTC, told CTV News “He’s breaking a number of sections of bylaw, there are fines ranging from $235-$425, and you can believe that we will pursue those charges.”

TTC believe they have identified the individual in the video.

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