Patrick Brown cleared to run for leader of the Ontario PC party after resigning due to sexual assault allegations

Published On February 16, 2018 | By HN Staff | News, Politics

Ontario PC leadership candidate Patrick Brown leaves the party’s Toronto headquarters on Tuesday, Feb. 20. | CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Ryann Kahler

Patrick Brown was given the okay to try and reclaim his leadership of the Ontario PC Party on Wednesday following an abrupt resignation just weeks ago.

In January, Patrick Brown resigned as Ontario Progressive Conservative leader due to backlash from sexual misconduct allegations.

According to a CTV News story published Jan. 24, two women, who were not identified, accused Brown of sexual misconduct that dates back to when he was a Federal MP.

One women told CTV News that the incident happened ten plus years ago when she was a high school student in Barrie, Ont.

She told CTV News that she had met Brown at a local bar and consumed alcohol under the age limit and later followed Brown back to his place.

According to the CTV News story, Brown exposed himself to the young girl and asked her to perform oral sex, which she told CTV News she did for a short time.

The second woman said she was working at Brown’s constituency office in 2013, while attending university. She told CTV News that Brown sexually assaulted her at his home following an event she had helped organize. She said she did not report the incident to the authorities, according to the CTV News story.

After only hours of learning about the accusations Brown spoke at a conference the evening of Jan. 24,  where he denied the claims as “categorically untrue.” He added that, “it’s never okay, it’s never okay for anyone to feel they’ve been a victim of sexual harassment or feel threatened in any way.” Brown was quoting a government ad called “It’s Never Okay.”

New information regarding the first woman has raised various questions for all parties involved.

The woman later told CTV News an altered version of her original story, saying that she was not in high school and not underage at the time of the alleged assault.

Brown then took to social media and accused CTV News of defamation and false accusations.

Humber News reached out to CTV News reporter Matthew Garrow regarding the matter. However, he was unable to speak with Humber News and advised that CTV News is standing by its reporting on Patrick Brown.

Finally, after weeks of trying to clear his name, Brown was given the okay to run by Ontario PC members along with three other candidates, including former MPP Christine Elliott, activist Tanya Granic Allen and former Toronto councillor Doug Ford.

Brown said on social media that he wants to finish what he started.

Voting is expected to start on March 2 and the new leader will be elected on March 10 by party members.

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