Heavy flooding wrecks havoc across southern Ontario cities

Published On February 21, 2018 | By Steven MacInnis | News

Steven MacInnis

A three-year-old boy is missing near Orangeville, Ont., after his mother’s van was submerged in the Grand River, police have confirmed.

According to police, the lad slipped out of his mother’s arms and was swept away as a result of the heavy flooding. A massive search party has been issued to locate the missing child.

Meanwhile, the city of Brantford, Ont., issued an immediate emergency evacuation to certain parts of the city early this morning as a result of the ongoing flooding.

Residents, schools, and businesses were issued a warning and urged to evacuate in the neighbourhoods of Holmedale, Eagle Place and Old West Brant.

At a press conference this morning, Mayor Chris Friel urged Brantford residents in these areas to immediately evacuate out of the floodplain area of the city.

Brantford Police said that 2,200 homes and about 4,900 people have been affected by the flooding.

The state of emergency issued today follows several road closures yesterday in the areas of Brantford, Woolwich, Wilmot, North Dumfries, Cayuga and Centre Wellington due to flooding from the Grand River.

Brantford resident Nick Bosworth told Humber News this is the worst flooding he has seen before in the city.

“This is probably the worst, there has been some flooding in the past but as far as I can remember, this is the worst,” Bosworth said.

Bosworth, who was in Burlington for the day, said his family who lives in the Eagle Place area was affected by the flooding and they’ve been evacuated.

The city is currently experiencing power outages throughout the affected areas due to the recent flooding crisis. Residents seeking shelter have been directed to go to the Woodman Community Centre and have been told by the Brantford Health Unit to take all required medication with them.


The Grand River Conservation Authority noted the warm weather that caused melting and accompanied significant rainfall significantly raised water levels along the river.

“While rainfall has generally stopped and temperatures are beginning to decrease, many areas in the southern Grand River watershed will continue to experience major flooding from this event,” the GRCA noted on its website.

Frequent information and updates can be seen on the city’s official Twitter account.

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