Expectations of love, romance on Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2018 | Life

Humber is selling chocolates, and gift bags for students to buy. (Chanel Sethi)

Chanel Sethi

The thought of Valentine’s Day brings joy to Asima Hayat as she envisions what her loved one will get her on this day.

“He knows I love flowers so instead of getting me roses he gets me a plant so it lasts for a longer amount of time,” she said.

Hayat, a 23-year old Humber student, has been dating her boyfriend for eight years and still holds on to the romance with him.

Valentine’s Day filled with love and sweets gives the chance to show a loved one how much they truly care for one and another.

Expectations come into play on this day, as girls across the world are expecting some type of romantic gesture from their boyfriend, husband or significant other.

Humber student Felicia Stone doesn’t expect much from her loved one, as long as he has put thought and love towards the gesture.

“They don’t need to spend a lot of money, it’s the thought of this holiday that counts,” she said.

After one year of dating, business student Felicia only expects the minimum, as she we would be satisfied with a card or a bouquet of roses brought by her loved one.

Joel Spratt, Sport Management student, bought a gift basket for his girlfriend at the Humber Valentine’s table. (Chanel Sethi)

Expectations diminishes on Valentine’s Day as priorities change once dating turns into marriage, said Veronica Stellar, program assistant for Health Sciences.

“We’ve been married for nine years and Valentine’s Day is like any other day, nothing different,” she said.

Stellar said she and her husband show their love towards each other on a daily basis, and they don’t need to buy one another gifts on this holiday to prove that.

“In the past he would get me flowers, and teddy bears, but now were just happy going for a nice dinner just the two of us,” Stellar said.

Expectations vary with different individuals, depending on the amount of time they have been together, or even how deep the romance is impacted in their lives, Hayat said.