Dedicated players take League of Legends to a new level

Published On February 16, 2018 | By Tyler Cheese | Arts, IGNITE

League of Legends Club pro team players (from left) Aaron Lewis, Lucky Luong and Angelo Capistrano at Humber College North campus. (Amy Chen)

Amy Chen

IGNITE’s Clubs Fair breathes new life into the first tournaments of the semester for Humber’s League of Legends club.

“We took a rough hit during the strike. We kinda went more in-depth with who we had and the players that kept coming, but we lost some of our member base,” said club vice-president Willem Claassen. 

Room N229 now gets filled with students every Thursday evening starting at 6 p.m. Players of all levels are invited to play, with veteran League of Legends players more than happy to help get them started.

During the first tournament, three of Humber’s pro-team players Aaron Lewis, Angelo Capistrano and Lucky Luong recalled how despite the strike, they all still went to the club. It was worthwhile to get a lot of practice and be a part of the Humber team.

“During the five week strike, that’s when we formed the competitive team, ’cause we had the time,” Luong said.

“There’s sorta like an accomplishment with it. Just like being active as a full team rather than just playing at home all by yourself. So it’s really rewarding and honours a lot of teamwork,” said Capistrano.

“That’s the best part of it. We’re still close friends with each other,” club member Kimberlyn Dampitan said.


Willem Claassen and Kimberlyn Dampitan. (Amy Chen)

Each tournament features teams of five frantically duking it out with each other on computer screens. The room becomes alive with cries of victory and death after each save and every kill.

“I’m really motivated to win, because I feel like I have something to prove. Prove that I’m still good, and not washed up and that I can still win,” Lewis said.

After each weekly tournament, Summoner names are exchanged and prizes are distributed to the winning teams.

“We do skins. We gift in-game stuff. It’s very much about surprises,” Claassen said.

The club is now working on making teams more even by first starting off with ARAM tournaments just for fun and to get more people integrated.

“We’re just going off of a points system right now, where we base people’s stats and how they do in these tournaments,” Claassen said.

“It’s a good mix of competition and fun,” he said.

Claassen hopes to make an all-star by the end of this semester and invites everyone to join them.

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