Toronto Light Festival 2018 is back to dazzle the city

Jan 22, 2018 | Arts

By: Bhakti Parikh

One of the largest open-air galleries in Canada is ready to dazzle the city of Toronto.

Toronto Light Festival 2018 started on January 19.

The event offers more than 30 light installations from both local and international artists.

The event features many mesmerizing pieces on daily display. The pieces vary from interactive art displays to exciting sculptures.

Held at the Distillery District, the first weekend after the opening had a huge crowd at the event despite of the temperature.

Here are some of the most interesting pieces on display.

The Twisted Steel Mimics Coral by Jessica Levine

Columns supported by springs let this piece sway gently in that wind, and became a major attraction for visitors for taking interesting pictures.

“This is one of the most interesting light festivals I have visited. There is a great variety of installations and so many international artists”, Shana Manor, a first-time visitor at the festival said.

“My friends and I took a lot of pictures near the twisted steel mimics coral, it’s very colourful and our pictures look so great.”

Dicapria’s Gummy Bears Pyramid

One of the most interesting art installation is the 200,000 hand-casted gummy bears. The pyramid is a 14-foot tall structure by Peruvian-American artist Dicapria. Visitors can step inside the pyramid for a sweet experience.

The “Fire Guy” Show

This is not just an event for the adults — children were seen enjoying the ‘Fire Guy’ who entertained with fun fire tactics and a great sense of humour.

“My kids are having a great time, especially [watching] the ‘Fire Guy’. He was funny and witty which made us stand in the cold and watch the whole show,” said Maria Specter, who came with her family for the festival as a weekend activity.