Campaign to reduce car, merchandise theft kicks off at Yorkdale

Dec 7, 2017 | News

By: Adriana Di Santo and Junisha Dama

Motorists are encouraged to ensure their cars are locked while shopping for a long period of time this holiday season.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s (OCAP)¬†annual Lock it OR Lose it campaign launched today at Yorkdale Shopping Centre to remind drivers to secure their vehicles before leaving them.

Police officers from around the province launched the project today, to make sure cars are locked throughout the parking lot.

If they were found to be unlocked, the officer would leave a notice indicating the driver neglected to keep their vehicle secure.

Notices were also left if the vehicle was locked with visible merchandise.

The reason for this project is because shoppers often forget to lock their cars, putting them at high risk for items to be stolen, as well as identity theft.

On the contrary, if your vehicle is left secured, you are congratulated with a positive note.