Humber becomes latest campus hit by controversial signs

Published On November 6, 2017 | By Hayley Barnes | Features

By: Daniel Caudle

Signs appeared throughout Humber’s Lakeshore campus last night that were intended to ignite controversy.

At least six signs were posted around the campus which read “It’s okay to be white.”

One sign posted high up on an electric pole at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus.

These signs were posted on poles and letter boxes.

Although the hallways at Humber’s North campus were empty, one student, who wished to remain anonymous spoke to Humber News.

“It doesn’t really affect me that much,” he said. “ I don’t even understand what these signs mean, why would it not be okay to be white?”

Striking faculty at Humber did their best to take these signs down but, without ladders or proper equipment, it was only possible to tear the signs apart – not fully remove them.

When contacted Humber’s Lakeshore IGNITE staff said “It’s freedom of speech, and could mean a lot of things. However, no signs were posted near our offices, so our staff can comment fully on what these signs really mean.”

Faculty members attempted to remove the signs, but did not have the proper equipment.

Last week students attending the University of Toronto were greeted in the morning when a slew of the same signs reading “It’s okay to be white” were found spread over the downtown campus. There have also been reports that these signs have popped up in Edmonton and Saskatoon.

Humber security refused to speak to Humber News about the signs posted on campus. As well, Black Lives Matter Toronto was not available to comment.

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