Make Lemonade aims to be a sweet place for working women

Published On October 2, 2017 | By sanzanasyed | Business, News

By: O’Niel Barrington Blair and Sanzana Syed

Make Lemonade is a new rentable work space in Toronto with a feminist twist.

The CEO of Make Lemonade, Rachel Kelly, said this new office space is aimed at inclusivity.  Inclusivity means different things for different people but for her its about being welcoming.

“It’s being open to any type of person that walks into the doors of Make Lemonade,” said Kelly.

The walls features inspiring quotes and vibrant colors. Photo by Sanzana Syed.

Make Lemonade is a furnished penthouse in downtown Toronto with rentable desks, call rooms and meeting spaces. Kelly said the business idea came to her from the personal annoyances she got from office work in coffee shops.

“It was really difficult because you’re hearing the espresso machines or people talking really loud beside you,” said Kelly.

Before becoming a CEO Kelly was a freelance writer working from a remote location.

She said Make Lemonade is aimed at providing a safe place for women to come together and conduct business while making connections. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, young women are at a much higher risk of violent crimes perpetuated towards them versus their male counterparts.

The office space can be rented at several different prices from $25 up to $500 per month.

The space is used for a variety of things including massage therapy and yoga.

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