Humber Strike: Athletics to remain open

Published On October 13, 2017 | By Eric Reid | Humber Strike, News, Sports

If the OPSEU vote to strike Humber’s hallways will be nearly empty as students wont have class.

By: Eugenio Garro

Humber student athletes were told it’s going to be “business as usual” around the athletics department when it comes to the looming teachers’ strike.

While Varsity games may have to be held off campus, the gymnasium where intramural leagues and pick-up games take place or the weight-room will remain open.

Jake Thomson is a cross-country athlete at Humber and also works in the athletics department. He is happy OCAA competition is going to keep running but is happier he won’t have to stay home from his job as well.

“We went through the strenuous trying out process. Some of us returning vets have been training all year so I think its only right that we get to continue competing as varsity athletes,” said Thomson. “Most people are happy we still get to come in here and collect that pay check and for the athletes we still get to compete because we trained and worked for this.”

Without his job, Thomson, who is from Oshawa, wouldn’t be able to pay for his nearby apartment. He said that without his apartment he probably wouldn’t remain a student at Humber.

Thomson says it’s only fair that the Humber gym, which is open to the community, will remain open during a potential strike.

“I think it makes perfect sense for us to continue on we are also a community gym. We have a lot of community members who have bought their membership and so we have promised them that service,” he said.

Humber’s director of communications, Andrew Leopold, confirmed that both sides are working to get a deal done and Humber is “committed to student success.”

“If a strike occurs, it means that all full-time and partial-load faculty of the Ontario college system, including at Humber, will be on strike,” he said. “Varsity athletic games, fall convocation and Humber’s participation in some offsite activities will continue.”

In the event of a strike, the athletics office is asking the community to be patient, as picket lines will complicate their access to Humber’s facilities.

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