Megyn Kelly’s controversial Alex Jones interview set to air despite outrage by victims’ families

Published On June 14, 2017 | By Jaeybee Martinito | International, News, Politics

Preview of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones. (Courtesy: NBC)

By: Michael Piccoli

Despite the negative backlash, NBC News will air Megyn Kelly’s interview with Info Wars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Jones has made many disturbing comments regarding numerous events, including the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, calling it an “inside job” in 2013 on his radio program and a “giant hoax” in 2014.

Due to the controversial issues that will be discussed, advertisers are withdrawing from the show.

Families of the Sandy Hook victims have urged for the upcoming interview this Sunday to be pulled.

Cristina Hassinger, daughter of murdered Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, tweeted in outrage against Kelly and Jones.

The families of these victims aren’t the only ones who do not want the interview to be aired.  Oddly enough, Jones himself does not approve of the interview either.

He feels he is being misrepresented on purpose and posted yesterday on his website the whole interview should be “shelved.”

“Megyn Kelly misrepresented my views and where I stand on Sandy Hook in the edit for the promo piece she put out and I’m sick and tired of it,” he claimed in a video on his website.

“In the promo piece she makes it sound like I’m saying Sandy Hook didn’t happen,” he said. “When I explained to her both sides of it and I explained that I only had debates and looked at the full story.”

In the 90-second promo video for the upcoming interview Jones is shown saying, “Well, Sandy Hook is complex because I’ve had debates where we’ve devil’s advocate said the whole story is true and then I’ve had debates where I’ve said that none of it is true.”

Kelly brings up the issue of comments that Jones had made in the past.

“When you say parents faked their children’s death, people get very angry,” she said.

In the promo, Jones responds saying, “Yeah, well I know but they don’t get angry about the half million dead Iraqis from the sanctions or they don’t get angry about all the illegal” when he was cut off by Kelly claiming “that’s a dodge.”

Kevin Metcalf, communications coordinator for Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, explained NBC giving a platform to a person like Jones, who has a negative reputation, is part of journalism.

“It’s a question that goes back to World War II,” he said, regarding fascist views that aired to the public.  “Providing him with a platform is a choice by the network. Platforming his speech with the intent to challenge him is their free right and can be good journalism.”

Moreover, Metcalf said as long as Kelly disputes Jones’ controversial opinions with logical reasoning, it is okay that the interview is aired.

“There is a public interest in this story,” he said regarding criticisms about the interview.

“When advertisers get cold feet about supporting content, it will drive the public’s interest,” he claimed, and explained it would benefit NBC’s ratings regardless of the negative feedback.

“If (Jones) feels that he was misrepresented, that is his issue with NBC,” Metcalf said. “Jones could seek legal remedy, but I don’t foresee that going anywhere.”

Metcalf said the surrounding criticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“If you’re taking criticism from both sides of the story, you are close to an objective point,” he said.

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