Global Running Day brings people to their feet

Jun 7, 2017 | Life

Global Running Day gets kids running since 2009

By: Esther Klein & Fareah Islam

Runners across the city can tie up their shoes for Global Running Day on June 7.

This is a day to celebrate running and increase movement across the globe with 185 countries taking part. This year’s goal is to encourage one million children to participate in any running activity.

Torontonians were encouraged to take advantage of the sunny day by taking a jog in a nearby park or running up a flight of stairs to work.

“There are a lot of benefits of running if done on a regular basis, especially the cardiovascular aspect which improves the way your heart and lungs function,” said Dr. Brian Kleinberg, renowned chiropractor in the GTA for 27 years.

“Runners tend to develop strength in their lower body and this also improves their flexibility.”

Kleinberg gave Humber News tips on proper running technique.

“In the beginning, run for less distances, maybe a combination of walking, light jogging and then running – work your way up to 5K. If you’re not stretching and taking care of your ligaments and muscles then you can harm any joint in your body,” he said.

“Runners may feel pain and joint dysfunction in many different ways. Body posture and technique of running is essential. It’s sometimes important to consult a running coach.”

Ryan Lapchies, a 5-year employee of the Running Room and fitness expert explains that wearing the correct running gear is essential to avoid pain.

“Having the right running shoes is integral. One way that someone would find out the best type of shoe to wear is through a gait assessment where we analyze how their body reacts to each stride,” said Lapchies.

He also warned, “one of the biggest concerns is running on the road and around cars, especially, in a city like Toronto. An important item to wear would be something like a run jacket for runners to stay insulated and be seen.”

Motorists should be cautious as runners take to the road for Global Running Day.