Soup Bar offers “pay-what-you-can” meals

Published On May 24, 2017 | By Francis Commey | Food, Life

Jagger Gordon and the Soup Bar team on the day of their grand opening.

By: Matt Hodder & Dylan Perego

Chef Jagger Gordon and Feed It Forward held the grand opening of their new restaurant, Soup Bar, on Sunday. The restaurant offers free bread and soup at a price that patrons decide for themselves.

Soup Bar’s “pay-what-you-can” format asks that people pay for their meal and, if they can afford to, a meal for someone else. Patrons are encouraged to use meal vouchers in the form of poker chips if they cannot afford their food.

The ingredients that Soup Bar uses in its food are provided by grocery stores that would otherwise be throwing it out.

Soup Bar is located east of Bathurst on Dundas.

Humber News filed this video report:

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