Homolka volunteered at Montreal elementary school

Published On May 31, 2017 | By Pablo Balza | News
(Courtesy: CityTV)

Homolka with her children (Courtesy: CityTV)

By: Justin Dominic

A private Christian school in Montreal has come under scrutiny for lack of volunteer screening after serial killer Karla Homolka occasionally volunteered at her children’s school.

Parents took to social media and news outlets to express their disappointment.

“How would you feel knowing your child is interacting with a person who is a serial killer?” a parent told CityNews.

After serving a 12 year sentence for a series of crimes, including the murder of two teenage girls, from 1990 to 1992, Homolka was released in July 2005. She currently resides in Quebec with her children, where they attend Greaves Adventist Academy.

In Toronto, the Catholic District school board (TCDSB) policy released in 2008 states , “A principal is encouraged to use volunteers in school to assist teachers with school activities.”

“We require an updated police check before processing an application,” said Jessica Dalinda, communications coordinator from TCDSB. She said it is up to the principal in each school to oversee the volunteer applicants.

“The school board was fully aware of who she is,” Stan Jensen, Seventh-day Adventist Church spokesperson told City News. “She is not a regular volunteer, and can never be alone with any children in the schools or churches.”

Ryan Bird, Communications Officer at Toronto District School Board, said that Police Reference Checks are policy for all volunteers coming into Toronto schools.

“Police Reference Checks are required for people who volunteer on a regular, scheduled or overnight basis,” he said.

“All individuals with a police records are interviewed by a trained Employee Services staff member to determine if that record should preclude them from working with students at the TDSB,” said Bird.

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