Feed It Forward breaks ground for pay-what-you-can grocery store

Published On May 23, 2017 | By Kyle Drinnan | Business, Food, Life

By: Matt Hodder & Dylan Perego

Chef Jagger Gordon is changing the way Canadians view expiring food, one charitable meal at a time.

Gordon and his group of volunteers at Feed It Forward, an organization that diverts food from landfills and onto people’s plates, are furthering their efforts to halt hunger within the city of Toronto.

The group gathered at Whitby’s Greenwood Farms to begin planting crops for Gordon’s upcoming pay-what-you-can and take-what-you-need grocery store.

Gordon and the farm owners, Doug and Nancy Plourde, were able to reach an agreement that allows the chef to harvest crops for free so long as the area is maintained and the crops are not invasive to others.

The crops are scheduled to be harvested in September, with the grocery store set to open following the collection.

Humber News filed this video report.

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