Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians says declawing cats is not in the pets best interest

Published On March 30, 2017 | By Humber News | Life, News

By: Sukh Toor

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) has reaffirmed its opposition to the declawing of domestic cats.

“As stated by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), research shows that declawing a feline is not in the animal’s best interest. Therefore the OAVT supports the CVMA’s new position on declawing,” said Natalie Thomas, communications manager of OAVT.

“We are seeing cats who are having negative long term affects,” said Dr. Enid Stiles of CVMA, “it is untrue that declawing your cat reduces risks, in fact, it increases risks. They will resort to bites, which are more serious and lead to more complications.”

The CVMA put out a statement that said the procedure is not medically necessary.  Declawing is not just removing the claw, it requires the vet to cut at the bone, which if not done properly leads to complications like regrowth. Dr. Stiles compares it to standing with stones in your shoes.

This is only a statement from the CVMA. It is up to the provinces to put this into affect or provide education to cat owners, Dr. Stiles said.

“Change is on the way. Newer individuals in the field are against this and will not perform the surgery,” she said.

One Response to Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians says declawing cats is not in the pets best interest

  1. I have for a long time felt that cats should not be declawed. Like people, animals ( cats ) can have either high or low self esteem. Declawing cats I would think induces low self esteem. Also, having claws takes away their main and perhaps their only defence. A part of a cats joy in life is to use the claws given to them in hunting playing with things etc. Owners should I feel accept that cats have claws and should be willing to accept cats as they are or perhaps think about getting another kind of pet. Growing up, our cat had claws, and nobody in our family complained about that. Good for some one with a voice such as Marit Stiles to try to ban the terrible proceedure of declawing cats. I hope that she is successful in her bid to pass that law. I am seriously considering voting NDP in the next election. Thank you Ronald O’Brien

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