Mapping 50 places to see live music in Toronto

Mar 31, 2017 | Arts, Life

By: Hailey DeWitt Williams

The loss of live music venues is a problem that’s been plaguing the Toronto music community for at least a decade.

Between business licensing and noise complaints, astronomical real estate prices, never-ending condo development, venues are finding it harder to keep their doors open.

The city has lost seven venues since the beginning of 2017 including Hideout on Queen Street West, High’s Room on Dundas Street West, Soybomb on Bathurst Street, The Hoxton on Bathurst Street, The Central on Markham Street, The Silver Dollar on Spadina Avenue, Holy Oak on Bloor Street West, and Harlem on Richmond Street East.

When the historically designated Silver Dollar on Spadina Avenue closed earlier this year after almost 60 years, it marked a bleak time for music fans in Toronto.

People can help by going to support the many venues still around, no matter how small. Now Toronto also suggests attending meetings, writing to councillors, or getting in touch with TMAC, via

By looking at 50 venues in Toronto that still host live music, it leaves a glimmer or hope that the show isn’t over yet.