IGNITE presidential candidate: Lance Constantine

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Campus News

By: Hailey DeWitt Williams

The 2017 presidential election campaign is in full swing at Humber College.

Humber News conducted a series of interviews with the candidates to hash out just what it is they stand for and who they really are.

In the third interview we spoke with Lance Constantine, IGNITE’s current Vice President, who shared his plans to take over as president.

Constantine is taking Project Management at Humber North. His main platform – personal development, mental health awareness and engaging policymakers – focuses on creating spaces for students to integrate, learn, and communicate.

Constantine wants to host weekly wellness days for students to engage in activities and workshops, de-stress, and increase academic performance.

Watch this video to learn more about his campaign.

Filmed by Hailey DeWitt Williams