Canadian graphic novelists visit Humber College

Mar 31, 2017 | Arts, Life

By: Helena Shlapak and Hailey DeWitt Williams

Three acclaimed Canadian graphic novelists came to Humber College to speak with students and comic fans on Thursday.

Ryan North (Romeo and/or Juliet: A Choosable-Path Adventure), Teva Harrison (In-Between Days), and Rosena Fung (comics in the Globe and Mail, The Boston Globe, and more) shared recent work, and answered questions from the audience.

Comic fansĀ got a glimpse into the world of creating graphic novels. The panelists shared their experiences, described their creative processes, and gave opinions about the future of the industry.

Harrison said she believes creativity is an interactive process and the Internet allows opportunity for beginners to grow and create.

“The Internet allows this process of rapid iteration, rapid development, where people have an opportunity to hone their craft faster and find an audience that understand them faster,” Harrison said.

Humber News attended the event.