Canada ranks seventh in World Happiness Report; lowest ranking yet

Mar 21, 2017 | Life

By: Neha Lobana

Canadians aren’t as happy as they used to be according to the 2017 World Happiness report.

Canada ranked seventh on the scale out of 155 countries; this is the lowest rating Canada has been given since the World Happiness Report launched in 2012.

Norway came out on top turning out to be the happiest country in the world after ranking fourth for the last two years.

In previous years Canada ranked fifth or sixth on the scale however its overall score has somewhat fallen, statistics show.

According to the The World Happiness website, data for the rankings is collected from the Gallup World Poll.

Rankings are divided into eight categories: GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom to make choices, generosity, perceptions of corruption, positive affect (average of previous day affect measures for happiness, laughter and enjoyment) and negative affect (average of previous day affect measures for worry, sadness and anger).

The answers are based on life evaluation  questions asked in the Gallup poll.

The World Happiness Report states that their sample size is a “fairly good estimate” at the national level as roughly each country should have around 3,000 participants for their samples.